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A new serving of servers

It's been a busy summer here at Wikia. Over the past 30 days, we've had over 900,000,000 pageviews across the entire site! That's a whole lot of people visiting to see the fantastic content you've created. The next goal... one billion pageviews!

To keep up with this amazing amount of traffic, we have moved in to a new data center in Germany. We now have servers in 4 centers: San Jose, Iowa, London and Frankfurt. The latest server is hosted at Interxion and we are now a member of DE-CIX, a German Internet Exchange. This will be handling all Eastern and Central European traffic, so our European users will see faster loading times across all of Wikia.

As well as the new German server, we are also going to be adding new servers in the U.S. These will help with some of the heavier work, including Semantic MediaWiki and creating image thumbnails.

We are super excited about our new hardware and pleased about the new capacity it gives us. Faster loading pages and quicker, more reliable tool functionality. What's not to like?

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