Wikia mobile skin

The first version of a mobile phone skin for Wikia will be released on Wednesday. When browsing Wikia on your iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device, you will automatically view it in a new, mobile-specific skin. Mobile viewers will no longer be served the usual Monaco skin, but instead one based on MediaWiki's Chick skin.

The new skin was created to provide a cleaner and more simple interface for mobile users to read Wikia. We hope this will help in reading on-the-go while you are commuting, visiting a museum, or simply just away from your computer.

In the future, this skin will also provide an easier mobile editing experience. For now, you will go back to Monaco when editing, but this is just the start and we hope to build a whole new way for contributing to your wiki.

Wikia communities can preview their current mobile skin at ?useskin=wikiaphone as well as create a customized skin by editing MediaWiki:Wikiaphone.css.

Feel free to link to your customized skin below. And keep an eye out for more features and improvements in the future!

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