As we've mentioned in the past, every couple of months we set aside some extra time to clean up and squash some of the technical bugs that pop up on Wikia as well as complete some small tasks we would like completed. Last week our awesome engineering team focused on fixing over 120 bugs and tasks. Many of these bug reports came from emails sent by the active community here, so thanks for your help!
Computer cat

Our engineer Kasimir getting some fresh air after hunting some nasty bugs

A sampling of the fixes:

  • Improved image resizing in photo galleries
  • Adjusted the layout for achievements and leaderboards on Monobook and mobile skins
  • The Welcome tool was activated for 15 more languages (including Polish, Finnish and Russian).
  • Added the blog namespace to the default wiki search
  • Users who sign up with Facebook Connect will no longer show up twice in new user logs
  • If you are posting a comment (on a wiki that requires you to log in), you will be shown the comment page afterward
  • When creating a link, the Rich Text Editor link dialog will check to see if the page exists

Thanks for all your patience, and a big thanks to all of our bug-fighting engineers!

Remember that when you are reporting a bug, please check to make sure that it's happening repeatedly and ask other users if they are experiencing it too. If you can replicate the problem, please contact us at Special:Contact and provide as many details as possible including browser and operating system type, the wiki and the feature.

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