As we mentioned in the past, every couple of months we set aside some extra time to clean up and squash some of the technical bugs that pop up on Wikia. Last week a few of our awesome engineers focused extra time fixing just under 150 bugs. Many of these bug reports came from emails sent by the active community here, so thanks for the heads up!

Repair bug

We'll keep fighting to keep bugs away!

This is just a sampling of the fixes that will be implemented:

  • The new photo galleries now have strict height limits
  • Dutch wikis will now have a featured wiki footer section (similar to that found on German and Spanish wikis)
  • Several translations for international Special page names and namespaces will be added
  • w:c: links will no longer show up in Special:wantedpages
  • We've made design tweaks to the user masthead so it will fit properly with large edit counts and achievements
  • Slideshows will now function similarly for anons and logged in users
  • We've fixed the problem of blogs and blog comments double posting
  • Special pages will update more reliably
  • And many more...

Some of these changes are already live, and the rest will be out on Wednesday July 28th. If you're joining in the fight remember that the best way to report a bug is to test it to ensure its occurring repeatedly and to ask other users if they are experiencing it. If you can replicate it, please contact us at Special:Contact and provide as much details as possible, including browser and operating system type, the wiki and the feature. If you think it will help, then you can also send us a screenshot by email to the address on the contact form.

Thanks for all your patience, and a big thanks to all of our bug fighting engineers!

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