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Community Contest - May the best wiki win

Gold Medal

Does your wiki deserve a gold medal?

Do you have an awesome wiki you would like everyone to know about when they visit Wikia? Well now is your chance to tell us all about it!

You have until June 29 to let us know why your community should be featured on the main page of Please use the space below to tell us, in your most creative voice, why your wiki deserves to be on for two weeks in July. In 250 words or less, highlight why your wiki's content, design, growth and community make it special.

Wikis of all sizes and topics are encouraged to enter. Please remember to be a good Wikian, and don't leave any discouraging comments about other wikis. At 5:00pm Pacific time on June 29th, we will close the contest to entries. All entries must be submitted here in order to be considered. The winner will be announced in early July.

So chat with your community about your entry, then submit it here. Remember to provide links to examples you use, and while you wait to hear who the winner is, keep improving your wiki! We look forward to hearing lots of funny, interesting tidbits about all of the amazing wikis on Wikia!

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