Hello All!


Join us at 4pm today!

I'm excited to announce that we will be hosting our second live Google+ Hangout on Air at 4pm PDT today. This hangouts's topic is using Social Media (specifically Twitter) to help promote and grow your Wikia community.

Myself, along with Wikia staff members Kate Moon and Nate Blonkenfeld will be live on-camera offering tips and tricks, as well as responding to your questions!

Prior to our hangout, feel free to post questions here on what you would like to see covered. You can also tweet your questions to @Wikia_Community on Twitter now or during the session.

The video is embedded here and will be begin playing live at 4pm PDT today. You can also watch it directly from our Wikia Youtube page.

Update: Here is a recording of our hangout. The sound quality was a bit choppy, but we will be hosting another hangout on Social Media on June 14th at 3pm PDT.

Wikia Hangout - Social Media Tips & Tricks00:00

Wikia Hangout - Social Media Tips & Tricks

We hope to see you all there!

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