Wikians love to customize their wiki's look to match the feel of their community. One of the most frequent questions founders ask on the Community wiki is how to personalize their wiki's look to be more like the designs found on Percy Jackson, Wowwiki, Avatar and others. Well today our jobs got a little easier as our super talented designers have developed 6 new themes with a variety of colors and backrounds.

You can preview and select these skins under the Skin tab in your user Preferences, and they include:

With the addition of these new themes, we have unfortunately stopped offering support for 4 former themes, including Smoke, Slate, Gaming and Brick. Any wiki or user who is currently using one of these can continue to do so, but any switch away from it will be permanent. You will not be able to switch back to these options. Also, all future products and designs will not take these themes into consideration. Our new themes do offer similiar designs to those being removed. Any community that has customized their wiki on their own will not be affected.

We hope you enjoy the new themes as much as we do!

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