About a month ago, the Wikia Community Support team asked for your feedback on our product release process; the response rate was huge, with just under 4,000 users taking the survey! Below are some of our findings as well as some recommendations based on this information.

Let’s dive in to some numbers!

  • Who took the survey?
    • 59% of respondents are between the ages of 13-18
    • The age of account (length of time the respondents have been members of Wikia) is pretty even, though the folks who’ve been here between 1-3 years (27%) nudges the noobs out by one percent (26%)
    • 62% of respondents have never given feedback on one of the Wikia staff blog posts before
  • What did we learn?
    • Just over a third of the people who responded want to learn about new features via a sitewide message (36%)
    • 39% of respondents only want to learn about new features 1-2 weeks in advance of release
    • 65% are most concerned about changes to the tools they use to edit a wiki (like the editor, theme designer, etc.)

The thing I’m most concerned about is that 81% of people who responded indicated that they don’t learn about new features until they appear on their wikis. We also learned that 72% of you didn’t know we post weekly technical updates on our Staff Blog, which is a bummer!

The Community Support team will be testing new ways to let the Wikia community know about both technical updates and feature announcements in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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