This post is a friendly reminder, promotion and call for your input! As many of you know, I run our monthly webinar series, which features different guest presenters and covers technical, social and product focused topics. In the past we have overviewed SEO, discussed how to handle conflict and examined content copyright.

for future viewing. This is an example from our webinar on videos.]]

Generally I choose a topic based on questions I hear a lot around Wikia, feedback from webinar participants, or ideas from fellow staff members. I try my best to pick interesting topics that I feel many users can benefit from, and to have guest speakers who you might not normally meet here on Community Central.

Today though I would love to hear from the community about which topics you would like to see covered. Is there a question, topic or theme you would love to learn more about? Is there a certain department at Wikia you would like to hear from? Are there topics that come up on your wiki that you would like to learn more about? If so, please let me know in the comments below.

I would also like to integrate more of the community’s tips & advice into our webinar presentations. In our February webinar we focused on Social Media, and integrated advice from wiki admins who are active for their wikis on Facebook and Twitter. This provided great examples to attendees and future viewers that there are Wikians out there doing this.

So, if you see a topic planned that you have experience with, please let me know. A good example is our webinar next Friday on advanced customizations (You can register here). I know many community members here do an amazing job customizing their wikis, and I would love to include your advice in the webinar presentation. If you have tips, please send them my way (here in the comments, on my message wall or through Special:Contact).

Thanks in advance to everyone and hope to see you at a future webinar!

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