Wikis are great resources for all sorts of topics, from games, to TV shows as well as question and answers sites. Below you can learn more about wikis that exist to provide valuable information to parents, guardians, new home owners and families. Read on and enjoy!

Children's Books Wiki

Children's books wiki is dedicated to creating a helpful place to find good literature for children of all ages. The books described here include both those for children to read, as well as books for parents to read aloud to their children. The wiki was started in May 2008 and has almost 500 content pages, including information on many titles that are out-of-print and can be hard to find. Over the past year, a number of changes have taken place including updates to the skin and the start of a featured review system, where user's book reviews are highlighted on the main page. The wiki is searchable by title or by author, as well as browsable by Book Categories or Age Groups. So stop by and check out the Children's Books Wiki for great book suggestions! If you don't see your favorite, feel free to create a new book entry and to share with others.

Family Recipes Wiki

What's for dinner? Family Recipes Wiki is a great place for parents to find and share their favorite recipes. The wiki features healthy recipes, snack ideas and quick meal options that are sure to please the whole family. Check out this yummy rustic lasagna or treat your kids to these homemade churros with chocolate sauce! It's a great place to store and share recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Come share your favorite family recipes and contribute to the community.

Home Wiki

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." — Author Unknown

The Home Wiki was started in May 2008 by CocoaZen, when she was looking for a resource for new home owners. The wiki currently includes topics such as baby safety checklist, secondary suites, birthday party ideas, and special meals. The wiki is dedicated to collecting information on types of homes, home care, maintenance, improvements, furnishings and other related topics. The wiki has approximately 600 articles, and reached its 500th article in October 2009. If you are looking for information on homes or have advice to share about home structures, furniture, decorating or home infrastructure, please feel free to contribute.

Inquiring Moms Wiki

Welcome home, mommies! Inquiring Moms was inspired by Wikia's wikianswers Q&A site, and is dedicated to providing a forum for parents to ask and answer questions. The wiki includes content on parenting tips, parenting styles and parenting advice, all from other parents.This is a great place to ask questions about products for children, appropriate media, health issues. The wiki was only started in September 2009, and already includes hundreds of questions and answers.

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