• Sashan

    Preacher Mode

    February 2, 2013 by Sashan

    So you know what really makes me mad? when i don't have anywhere to blow off steam about important things like global warming or starvation! so my new blogs are gonna be titled and categorized as 'Preacher Mode' its where i Preach what I think should be happening. I refuse to speak out against anyone in particular {except maybe Cutestuff. who is currently being difficult} Don't let me catch you hating my blog in the comments >:| {Cutestuff.!!!}



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  • Sashan

    Ok so I have some real "gentlemen" in my class... they mostly say stuff that no girl would ever want to hear. My blog is gonna tell guys what NOT to say around girls :) i hope this helps

    Don't                                                                               DO

    DON'T say innapropriate things girls don't like that               DO compliment a girl and say she looks nice :) every

    chances are you'll scare her and she won't                           girl likes to hear that

    like talking to you

    DON'T say anything that might be a little detailed               DO ask about a girl's interests, chances are she likes 

    or personal like "i cut my finger and it was groteque and       more than just shopping and looking at herself in a 

    spewed puss"…

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