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Users Wanted on Hypothetical Roller Coasters Wiki!

Hello everyone!

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Feel free to create whatever coaster you like!

In this blog post I am writing to inform the community that I am currently wanting users on the Wikia I founded at the end of February - the Hypothetical Roller Coasters Wiki!

Since I am a huge fan of roller coasters and amusement parks, I have decided to create this wiki for anyone interested in creating some of the craziest rides and theme parks around!  Feel free to create a roller coaster 1,000 feet high and have it traverse miles of loops, or be tame and create the kiddie coaster of your dreams - everything and anything is possible here!  

I have had a few of my friends from other wikis join, and they love it.  Now, I would like to attract some more users who share the same love for roller coasters as me, and will want to edit there, as well!  Also, I could use some users to help me with the technical aspect of things, such as CSS and other types of coding.  

So far, I have had people create daring rides and extreme roller coasters that would thrill anyone to the max!  I know a lot about roller coasters, and through this wiki, I wish to educate other people as well!  I hope one day this wiki will become a vibrant community of roller coaster enthusiasts who wish to create and design the next awesome generation of rides and amusement parks! Here is the link: - ENJOY!!

That's all for now!


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