• SavageOpress1138

    I'm directing this at Brandon, for two reasons: I'm directly replying to stuff he's said in the comments (for example, see here and here), and I consider him a pal of mine from days gone by. That said, if some other Staffer feels the desire to jump in here, so be it.

    Okay, Brandon. You know me. You know I always do my best to support Wikia's changes. I really try to see the best in stuff, and I'm still doing that here. (I even pushed for Discussions to get enabled!) I'm not going to dispute the desire for a new name. I understand the desire for a better umbrella term that better encompasses news, stories, wikis, etc. I get that. Y'all want something that shows the bigger (and better?) things the service formerly known as Wikia offers. That'…

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