hi everyone my name is norma but you can call me savewolf i'm 29 years old i live in cherry hill west nj  i found this place while looking for people that love earth final conflict season 5  my faevorite characters are howlyn and renee palmer i wish they had been paired up i am looking for people to rolep lay in yahoo facebook imvu or even in any other place they might think of i would love to roleplay using my own made up character and pairing her with either juda ( fem slash) gren or howlyn i would like to make friends or  anything i am currently singel but looking im bisexual but i would like to meet that special someone weather male or female i write here to express myself without been judged or pytied i wish to make friends and more anyone interested send me a message here or in facebook in facebook look for norma elena refoyo ron and friend me or request to be my friend and we can discuss things hopefully we can meet here or facebook or even in yahoo until next time  have a wonderful day, evening or night