it was a cool day in jamaa everyone was outside having fun and playing in the pool... except for a wolf pack they were training hard for an upcoming battle... the two strongest warriors shade and flame clashing swords together training and throwing playful insults to taunt each other, while the two omegas where sitting in the shade laughing at each other and the alpha shadow was watching over the pack while talking to the deputy mist. shadows golden eyes scanned over the lush forest spotting a small bunny jumping on it and ending it and saying thank you. after a while of training they go back to the pack den.. and then shade then asks shadow "hey... what is our pack name?" shadow then replied "Thunder pack" 

THE END I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! and if you do spot us dont be afraid to say hi! my aj name is scarlettriforce so yea we are 13 strong right now i am so proud of all of them.... (^_^)