• ScottiusMaximus

    My Top Ten Gaming Moments (Thus Far…)

    10. Barry, It’s a Lobster???

    When I were a nipper, and resident evil 1 had just been released. This marked, for me, the start of actually feeling emotions from a video games. When the living dead dogs come crashing through the windows on the ground floor of the Spencer mansion I vividly remember screaming, dropping the pad in terror and being laughed at by my older brothers mates (to be fair I was 9 when Resident Evil came out). This memory stays with me and my love for zombies, gaming and being scared half to death stems directly from Capcom skilled Japanese coders. Shame about the ridiculous voice acting.

    9. Ooh, a 1994 Honda Prelude! That’ll Do Nicely…

    … Are words I’m reasonably confidant no-one except …

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