Hi! I would like to start by thanking the lovely world of Wikia for making this possible. Today, I'm advertising to the community my new Wiki, Sean Morgan - Creepy Pasta for the Next Generation. As you may know, CreepyPasta is a hit culture phenomina that has been everywhere. In gaining popularity, however, many place for posting these scary internet stories have ultimately succumbed to the sad reality of overly strict rule, and flawed submission, or even rating systems. This Wiki is created with the idea in mind that we can be scarier, creepier, and even more mind-boggling than the stories of this past generation, without all the restrictions that make it hard for stories to be heard, or to see the light of day. I ultimately hope to accomplish the creation of a friendly, and coexisting community, especially with the CreepyPastaWiki wich currently exists today. To date, we offer more than 10 stories contributed from different users around the board, and this is our first day of existence. The number has been rising since I finished the Wiki, this morning. We have two lovely Admins, and some great technical support on our side, so chances are that number will continue to rise. Why don't you come by and have a look? If the above link isn't working, try this.