• SeddieShiper4Ever

    Ok guys this is a blog about me ! Don't worry I will have blogs on celebs and stuff like that anyways this is just my blog about me kk so I go

    Name:Caitlynn Morris


    Wiki name:SeddieShiper4Ever


    Birthday:October 29th not saying the year!

    About me:Hi I'm Caitlynn,People call me Cat so you know if you ever talk to me you can call me cat.I love big time rush I know I know if you love big time rush then why is your wiki name SeddieShiper4Ever? I love Seddie too,I just wasn't think about Big Time Rush at the time ,I had just gotten done watching iCarly that was kind of a seddie thats how I thought of the name lol.Anyways I live with my mom,dad,brothers .I have a nephew that is my sisters son ,He's one but hard to handle lo…

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