Hello there. You can call me Batica and I just want to say few things to you Rockstar and Fans of it. I'm huge fan of your games. I love GTA, RDR and more. But my favorite one is Bully. I and much more fans like me are waiting for secund one. WE NEED IT! That games is so much fun it have great play, great story and wihout all that GTA stuff its still one of the best. I finished story mode on PS, Xbox and Laptop its kindda wierd but I just love it, I love to play it, I love to watch it, I just love it. So with that out of my way lets get to the point of all of this. I want to ask you and I think I can ask in name of all of us to make secund one. She (Game) don't need to be big as GTA 5 or Gta IV. Just little bigger then first Bully so we can do more stuff and go to new places. I watched few of Bully 2 ideas on youtube and believe me they are great so I will write little story (With Mine and other ideas from fans) for the game here and If you like it tell me (Fans).
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Jimmy Hopkins