I am anxiously looking for a certain wiki. This wiki had a picture of a cartoon boy with light blue hair wearing brown clothing. Next to him was a girl who looked either half-lion or half-tiger. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. Her head was on the boy's shoulder. Also, the boy looked frightened. Someone on please find this wiki for me so I can stop trying to find it. It looked like an anime influenced show.To be specific, the blue-haired boy kind of reminds me of Aang from Avatar.Also, the picture wasn't showing their entire bodies.It was only showing their heads.Just so you know, the girl doesn't have stripes.The girl also had a hair color. I don't quite remember what it was. It was either a reddish color or an orange-ish color.Don't focus on the girl's hair color though. Just focus on the other details and you might be able to find it. There's also a possibility that the girl's hair was brown. But still don't focus on her hair too much.One more thing is, she had a white spot on her mouth like lions usually have. Like I said, she's half-lion.The reason I know that the girl is half-lion is because I think something on Wikipedia said she was. I didn't think she was half-lion just because I looked at her.She does have some lion traits, like a white spot on her mouth and some fur.The blue-haired boy was on the left and the lion girl was on the right.