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The One's of Legend

SgtSlow February 20, 2015 User blog:SgtSlow

In land once ruled by Gods one man of great evil began to build the world in his image and he goes by one name only "Lord Pewdiepie The Man Who Rules with an Iron Bro-Fist"

                              What I love to in my school is make people brain to flow with ideas. So what'd you people is put your brain to the test Thing: How will you draw Pewdiepie as a evil ruler. 
                       And please it's your time to be in spotlight,it's the YouTubers time to be in the spotlight.

Ever week a new channel challenge.Oh and send me a link and you guys can vote the best of best land please I wanted my anime idea to become a reality please help The One's of Legend. Become real let Pewdiepie rule with his Iron Bro-Fist

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