It's really ridiculously dark out where I am. I can't wait for Spring. Spring is of all the seasons my favorite month! I'm not really sure why, I guess because I love the feeling of the heavy Springy air and the wet grass as I slosh through it in my boots. Spring only stays like that for a short time, right between the change between snow to no snow. Kind of like the beauty of the changeover in Miss Peregrine's loop. Maybe "Sprinter" is a better name for it. I can't wait for Spring. It's a perfect mix of all the seasons and a good time to be outside. Me, I don't see it as bright sunny days and flowers. I see the mist hanging heavy in my backyard, running fast like a child towards a rainbow. The closer I get the farther it gets pushed back. Feelings and places like that are kind of the pieces for having my own Moonrise Kingdom in my mind.