Hello everyone!

My name is Shahid, and I'm a product manager at Wikia - among other things, I work with the team here on Wikianswers.

What the heck is Wikianswers?

Wikianswers is a question and answer wiki, where anyone can answer a question and get an answer, wikified. So instead of crawling through a list of opinions, you get one answer - the best combination of contributions from the community. It's also one of our most active wikis, with 1,385 active users per month.

We're delighted that we've reached a milestone: 100,000 answers! Congrats to the community for being amazing :)

New questions are coming in fast!

We've also recently redesigned the front page so you can clearly see new questions - they're coming in right now, and they're coming fast, with a new question every few minutes! If you have any knowledge you can share on a topic, someone out there wants to learn from you. More than 400,000 questions have been asked, so there's plenty of people out there who need your help.

Diga? Que pasa?

The international versions of Wikianswers are also showing great growth. The German edition, Frag Wikia! has more than 21,000 questions and 80% of them have already been answered. WikiRespuestas is the Spanish version and has more than 13,000 questions. The newer editions include Wikiréponses (French) with 2380 questions and WikiRisposte (Italian) with almost 700 questions.

Spin-off projects

We also have a growing number of spin-off question and answer sites, including the mom-focused Inquiring Moms, Wikianswers Xbox and Wikianswers Lego. Poke around and see if there are any questions you can help with!

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