Greetings Wikians!

Here at Wikia we're always working hard to bring you amazing new features to enhance your wiki. Today we're excited to announce integration for Wikia wikis with Facebook Connect!

You can now join Wikia with just your Facebook account.

Wikia fb connect

If you already have a Facebook account you're on the fast track to joining Wikia. With a click of the Facebook Connect button on the top of any wiki you"ll be able to create a new Wikia account within seconds, without confirming your email or creating a new password! We'll guide you through a few short steps and then you can begin enjoying the benefits of your very own Wikia account.

You can connect your existing Wikia account to Facebook.

Connecting your existing Wikia account to Facebook gives you some great advantages:

  • Log in to Wikia with a single click using the "Connect" button at the top of any wiki.
  • Automatically share contributions to your favorite wikis on your Facebook profile. You have full control of what gets published and what doesn't.
  • A seamless way to promote, share, and enjoy your wiki with friends and family!

Login and connect
Ready to connect? Click the "Log In" link at the top of any wiki as you usually would to access to your existing Wikia account. Choose the "Get Started" link at the bottom right of the log in screen and we'll guide you through a quick, one time set-up. Voila!

If you want to disconnect your accounts, you can do so at any time in your preferences - so there's nothing to stop you giving it a try!

You can include a Facebook Fan Page widget on your wiki.

If you've created a Facebook Fan page for your wiki you now have the ability to include a widget promoting your fan page on your wiki - you can see the Wikia page widget on the right of this post. Check the help page for more details on how to use these.

We hope you enjoy using these great new features. As always, we love to hear from you - please feel free to pop your comments in below! If you want more details about Facebook Connect on Wikia, visit our help page.

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