Hello, Koror Survivor ORG Wiki! I'm going to avoid feeling the wrath of Koror's power. I think it's very clear this tyranny and dictatorship needs to stop now, so I give the proposal of demoting him of ALL his power on the wiki, this is the user KororFan we're talking about.

So before I go onto reasons, I would like to explain that you should write support or oppose in the comments. And be serious here, he's not getting banned or anything, take into consideration only what you know about his admining.

Now, he's the founder of the wiki? Yes, but he can be demoted and this is for the better of the community not finders keepers. What would the wiki be called? Koror (referring to the Survivor tribe instead of his name) Survivor ORG. Now reasons he needs to be demoted:

  • Is a known rigger.
  • Is EXTREMELY biased and unprofessional
  • Uncapable of using logic
  • Choosing favorites
  • Power hungry
  • Injustice
  • Corruption of the wiki
  • Threats to other users
  • Somewhat of racist, homophobic, and comments against other countries
  • Dictatorship
  • Unfriendliness which drives users away
  • Trying to cover up things he does wrong
  • Threatens to ban people when they mention anything bad in his system