Haha a few weeks ago i decided to put pink in my hair, thinking i was going to look really cool. I bought the hair dye and bleach which by the way kids if your mum ever saids don't bleach your hair LISTEN.. as you will find out from this story.

So i bleach my hair texting my friend every step of the way, the bleach is in, now i'm putting pink in my hair its going to look amazing!

Haha I WAS SOO WRONG, i looked as you can tell from my tile a blonde bleach babe! It was horrible.

As im asian and now blonde and i came home crying to my mum, and she had to go out the next day in to town to by me hair dye because i looked like the wicked witch of the west.. i now have dark brown hair and i never been more happy to get it back!

moral of the story kids be proud of the hair you have ! weather your ginger, blonde or trying to be like everyone else You may wish to have the hair of your friends but once you lose the beauty that everyone has, you will regret it!