• Shandow and cat

    The Crazy Girl

    August 6, 2017 by Shandow and cat

    The Crazy Girl. It was morning and the day is cloudy, a brown-haired girl was listening to music while her mother was driving and her two younger brothers were fighting back. In that he realizes that they happened to some men but it does not take importance to him until they stop in a port with padlock. The woman lowered the keys trying to open that door while a dark man, who smoked a cigarette, saw it until another man came but he was obese. She looked at them seriously but inside she wanted to scream, cry and drive away those men from her mother, that's when her mother gets up and says something and then go to the car and leave as fast as there are those men. The minutes passed and these men followed behind them until the wheel deflated …

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