The Crazy Girl. It was morning and the day is cloudy, a brown-haired girl was listening to music while her mother was driving and her two younger brothers were fighting back. In that he realizes that they happened to some men but it does not take importance to him until they stop in a port with padlock. The woman lowered the keys trying to open that door while a dark man, who smoked a cigarette, saw it until another man came but he was obese. She looked at them seriously but inside she wanted to scream, cry and drive away those men from her mother, that's when her mother gets up and says something and then go to the car and leave as fast as there are those men. The minutes passed and these men followed behind them until the wheel deflated next to another frightening the children. - Mom...- Calm down, I'll call your dad ... - he says trying to reassure her.  When he was to dial the phone was taken out of the vehicle and tried to undress her but she beat them until the thin, dark man shot with a pistol causing the children to scream and she cried. They turned to see her and the thin man takes her out of there but she hits him in the face causing the nose to break, the obese man makes her back and hits him at the nape of the neck but she resists and hits him in the lower parts . She kept crying as thousands of voices They talk to him without stopping until the man approaches her and shoots her down the cold floor, they think that she was dead they took the children and put them in the van. The pelican rises with a very wide smile and beats the obese by hitting it a thousand times without stopping until it is separated by the companion who was bitten by her removing the piece of skin causing it to scream torn. She took the gun from the men and began to shoot and shoot without stopping, took that pocket knife to then approach that giant man (for her) and opened her stomach to then take out everything she had inside while she laughed psychotropically . I kept laughing as tears came out of her until she broke the cry, she looked at the children who were terrified, came up and whispered "I'm sorry" to then go from there to the depths of the forest. So far, those children continue with that trauma by going to a professional psychologist, while their sister was lost for the time being, her condition was unknown, it is only a crazy girl who leaves her victims without intestines and extends her limbs leaving them on a cross .