hi this is sharese and this is my first blog post but idk lol 1 fact ik about zendaya coleman she is black.1 fact on demi lovato a crackhead.2 facts on miley cyrus she thinks she can do watever she wants to and watch she is going to get put in jail like linsday lohan.1 fact on taylor swift no one likes her.taylor laut ner i think i know what im going to say about he is fine cute hoe has the whole package and needs a girlfriend and there is like 1,000,000 girls out there that want to date him.and this is to all u caucasians who dont like black people that is totally rude i am black i preffered to be call african americans and no one did any thing to u.michael jackson we all love him and dont forget it and all of yall who think he is a girl think that he is gay and all that junk u need to reconize all he wanted to do is help people in need sing and dsnce and live like a regular person so back off. its time to end this though see u again.