aka Jacob

  • I live in Colorado, USA
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Filmmaker, musician, writer, Wikian
  • I am also known as "CaliberJacob" across the internet
  • Bio Jacob Anderson is a Fandom Contributor and has been editing and writing with Wikia since May 2013. His interests stretch from professional wrestling to action movies to role-playing games and beyond.

    Conversations about any of these things with him can prove to be very interesting. Or sarcastic.
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  • ShatterClub

    Day 3: Sunday, April 26th, 2015

    Sure, I could have gone with something different for breakfest on the second morning. But I was like NAH. Another muffin sounds good. Actually, make it two muffins. Enough sugar and fruit and I'm good to go.

    The convention was schedued to close up around 5pm that day, compared to the 8pm closing times the previous night. In this case, it opened at the same time, but we, along with the rest of the VIPs, got inside a half hour early. An artist from the many who had come to showcase their work wanted to meet with me early so as to do something. It turned out that he was a scketch artist, and his work ranges from anything from comic book characters to fandoms that nobody has heard of. 

    Plus, he was a funny, older J…

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  • ShatterClub

    Day 2: Saturday, April 25th, 2015

    You know it's a good day when it starts off with a giant chocolate muffin, a granola bar and a carton of orange juice. ( I right?)

    Now, let me make this clear real fast. I had texted Margie, our contact in Vegas, about a panel we planned on attending that day.

    Me: Is there a chance we can get reserved seating for the WWE panel today? I have a feeling it'll be pretty packed.

    Margie: Absoluetly!

    Me: Great!

    I did not expect to be texted right after finishing brekfeast that morning, especially since the next event we were planning on didn't start for another hour or so. 

    Margie: When are you planning on coming today?

    Me: In about an hour. That's when our next panel starts.

    Margie: Allright then, but if you co…

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  • ShatterClub

    Day 1: Friday, April 24th, 2015

    Not as though this was the fault of Wikia in any way, but I had to get up at 7am. Usually, on a day when I have no school, I sleep straight until 10am just because I'm too lazy to get my butt outta bed. In this case, I managed to make an exception. 

    Also, this wasn't Wikia's fault either, but several accidents along the highway leading to the airport left us worried that we'd miss the flight to Vegas. And the security line was wicked long. And the tram to the departure gate was stuck. So we resorted to sprinting down the terminal wing as fast as we could go because we were already late for boarding. We get there (finally), only 4 minutes late, and they hadn't even gotten the boarding letter in front of us clea…

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  • ShatterClub

    I think the only way any of us could have found the offer would have been through editing on any Wiki. Not very many people notice the notifications in the bottom left, and even fewer people actually pay them heed. This time, though, I saw it and got a bit excited. 

    Here's the kick: I honestly didn't much mind whether my name got picked for the drawing. I figured, What the heck...might as well put my name in and see what happens. I didn't expect the email I got from staff over a week later saying that I had actually won the offer.

    First off, I had never won anything that big. Heck, the chances of me winning any raffle I entered were virtually non-existent, mainly because I had lost every single one I had entered (as part of the majority of pe…

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  • ShatterClub

    I found it at the bottom of the Wiki Features tab, and I like the preview look of it, but I have no idea how to use it and wether it applies to just a Wiki's homepage or to individual pages as well. Anyone know how to work it?

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