I think the only way any of us could have found the offer would have been through editing on any Wiki. Not very many people notice the notifications in the bottom left, and even fewer people actually pay them heed. This time, though, I saw it and got a bit excited. 

Here's the kick: I honestly didn't much mind whether my name got picked for the drawing. I figured, What the heck...might as well put my name in and see what happens. I didn't expect the email I got from staff over a week later saying that I had actually won the offer.

IMG 20150424 192751

Kinda hard to resist taking the odd selfie when they gave you means to take it.

First off, I had never won anything that big. Heck, the chances of me winning any raffle I entered were virtually non-existent, mainly because I had lost every single one I had entered (as part of the majority of people who do). It took three re-reads of the email to confirm that I was wanted for the program, and another five re-reads to realize that not only would I receive tools to help me document it, but the travel and admission was free. And a plane ticket to Las Vegas, let alone two round-trip tickets to Vegas, is one of the more expensive travel commendations right now.

Of course, both my parents were immediately skeptical. I was excited, but they were almost ready to blow: if this turned out to be a scam, they would most likely have held a grude against Wikia for trying to make a scam out of the offer. It took a great deal of research, sources and confirmation to reasssure them that the offer was, in fact, a legitimate one, and finally after a few days of confirmation with staff, they gave the go-ahead.

The trip was one of many firsts. First time in Las Vegas, first time at a convention, first time seeing several people I considered heroes, first time I think I wore my shoes out just by walking, first time I ate four huge pieces of pizza in under 15 mins (with a soda), first time to almost scream with joy...I loved the opprotunity I was given. I tried to take advantage of every moment, treasure the things I saw (and a few I bought), and do my best to make sure my mom didn't have to catch up.

This was my trip to the Las Vegas Wizard World Comic-Con convention as a part of the Wikia Superfan Crew. Read on. Feel free. Yeah.


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