Dear Reader,

Today in our world there is a lot that has been happening example global warming, earthquakes and tsunamis and we have tonnes of people who talk about it but in the human perspective but has anyone ever wondered the pain nature feels,the pain it goes trough...

People say there is a reason to everything that happens and perhaps we are the reason to the destructions that occur. The reason for the earthquake in Nepal was because people in that area were killing dolphins and well what they called it was "culture" and well nature has its ways to give you the reward that you deserve and that's what it did.

I know this information sounds so biased but think about it aren't we the reason 98% of the things happen. The best examples is the situations we are facing right now even though we are quite equipped with gadgets...The real part is that all you need is a small change to the way you react towards nature because you life started for it and will end with it well its more like nature was your first and last buddy that's going to support you if you acknowledge it or destroy you if you harm is, it all you choice...

Well to end this I would like to acknowledge all the people who took there time to read my first blog and I hope we can make a change together and make it an amazing and loving place for us and our future. The first step is nature and the rest follows and there is this saying to make a building strong you need to make sure your first building block is right and that same concept is applied to life, animals and people.

                                                                                                               THANK YOU,