This semester I have observed, learned about, and implemented numerous technology tools in this course educational technology. The wide variety of technology that can easily and effectively be incorporated into a classroom offers every teacher a venue into the millennium world, the age of web 2.0, and the world of our students. While doing this course I gained knowledge on how to conduct conversational discussions through the use of schoology, interactive powerpoint along with the writing and execution of the assure model lesson plan.

It is also evident through doing this course that, the value of today’s educators learning to navigate and teach technology cannot be underestimated. Teachers should be at the frontline, up-to-date with access to software they can use with their students.  As educators of our nation’s future leaders, we should encourage and be able to foster the development of our students’ use of technology.

Beyond being a modern necessity, technology use in the classroom can augment a student’s education by providing additional information through multi-media sources and by allowing visual learners a means of displaying their talent. Using web 2.0 tools also encourages students to develop strong organizational skills. When constructing an interactive powerpoint, building an interesting blog. I found this course interesting and informative as technology is a vital part in our development as individuals.