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  • ShermanTheMythran

    This is Wikia. On Wikia, people create, people collaborate, and people innovate. And when I say 'innovate', I mean working a stylesheet until the wiki is pixel perfect. That's right - there are many, many CSS enthusiasts across Wikia, spread across more topics than most people can count, and that's not because most people can't count very high. The point is, there are CSS enthusiasts everywhere, and that's how I got the idea to have a styling competition. A massive, massive showdown to see who can style the best.

    Contestants line up from communities all across Wikia to write a unique stylesheet for a test wiki that has no custom CSS applied. It will start when a Wikia Staff member(s) picks two or three hex codes to be used as base colors, whi…

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    I recently found a process that allows CSS to be incorporated on individual pages. It is relatively easy to do (I figured it out, how hard can it be?), but administrator or greater user rights are required.

    You'll need to make a MediaWiki page that is NOT already being used by the system. It can be called anything, but for organization purposes, it best be named after the function the CSS is supposed to achieve. On this MediaWiki page, you write your CSS script enclosed in HTML:

    element { property: value; }

    Once you've written CSS to your heart's content, you can publish the page.

    Next, go to the page you want the CSS applied to. If you want the CSS applied to the entire page, type the following:

    to incorporate Javascript into a single page. …

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