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    In place of the Dik-dik of the day I have decided to create an introductory crash course on the wonderful world of wiki-text (wikitext?). Below are several of the most common things you will encounter while editing as well as sample code to show they are used.

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    Creating a beautiful yet functional landing page for your wiki can be one of the toughest challenges one can face while building a wiki.

    The landing page for your wiki is often times the first thing a visitor to your site will come into contact with so it is crucial that you make a page that really speaks for your wiki. It needs to look good so that the reader can easily navigate around it without coming down with a case of the 90s web cringe but it also needs to be functional in such a way that your reader can easily find things that interest them.

    There are several ways that you can balance these two different criteria so that your landing page comes out as both appealing to the eye and easy to navigate.

    The first method that I am going to co…

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    August 23, 2015 by Shining-Armor

    This is a question that almost every Wikian has been asked while editing various different wikis and it can sometimes be difficult to answer. For many users there is only one editor they know of, the one they are using. What they do not usually know is what said editor is named.

    On Wikia there are several different types of editors that you may encounter. Though, while there are many individual editors there are only three major types of editors which I will be covering in this blog. These editors allow varying amounts of control over the look and feel of the page as well as a varying degree of ease-of-use.

    The main three editors that you will encouter are as follows: Visual, Classic, and Source.

    Visual editor: The visual editor is the easies…

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    Your account password is the wall standing between another person and your account so it is important that you choose a good password.

    Usually, passwords are made up of a combination of letters (a-z), numerals (1-9), and characters (!?@$) and are usually a word or two in length. While a password created this way is suitable it is not at all secure.

    Instead, you should choose a few random words, or a phrase, that are easy to remember and use those for your password. This not only makes it harder for another person to crack but it also makes it harder for a computer to crack as well.

    For a better explanation see this comic on creating better passwords.

    Additionally, you should never give your password out to anyone.

    Wikia staff will never ask you f…

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    Today's Dik-dik is brought to you by Chinadaily.

    Caption: Sannse gettin' all up in Duck's face.

    Today's Dik-dik is brought to you by Buzzfeed.

    Today's Dik-dik is brought to you by the Chester Zoo in someplace on Earth.

    Update: I have named this dik-dik Sannse.

    Today's Dik-dik is brought to you by Kitundu.

    Update: I have named this dik-dik James.

    Today's Dik-dik is brought to you by Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Today's Dik-dik is brought to you by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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