Your account password is the wall standing between another person and your account so it is important that you choose a good password.

Usually, passwords are made up of a combination of letters (a-z), numerals (1-9), and characters (!?@$) and are usually a word or two in length. While a password created this way is suitable it is not at all secure.

Instead, you should choose a few random words, or a phrase, that are easy to remember and use those for your password. This not only makes it harder for another person to crack but it also makes it harder for a computer to crack as well.

For a better explanation see this comic on creating better passwords.

Additionally, you should never give your password out to anyone.

Wikia staff will never ask you for your password.

Personal information

Your private information such as your address, name, age, phone number, school, etc. are private and should not be given out to anyone.

This information can be used to personally identify you and is sensitive. Giving out such information can have unforeseen consequences.

As a rule, do not give out information you would not give out to a stranger that asks you for it out of nowhere.

Keep your information, and yourself, safe.


Scripts are small bits of code that are run by your computer. Scripts are often times harmless and provide useful features such as pings, games, and various customizations.

While most scripts that you will come across on Wikia will be harmless there is a chance you may come across some that aren't.

When dealing with a script it is important to consider the following: where it comes from, who made it, what it does.

If you do not know where it comes from you can always find out by checking the import statement.

  • If the script uses importScript() the code comes from the current wiki.
  • If the script uses importScriptPage() the second argument is the name of the wiki it comes from.
Example: importScriptPage('MediaWiki:ChatTags/code.js', 'shining-armor').
  • If the script uses importArticles() then you need to check each individual import for the wiki. The wiki name will either be after u: or w:c:.
type: "script",
articles: [
'User:SomeUser/coolscript.js', // This is on your wiki
'u:dev:AjaxRC/code.js', // This is on Developers wiki
'w:c:dev:AjaxTemplates/code.js // This is also on Developers wiki

If the script does not use an import statement and is just raw code you should not use it and have someone who knows JavaScript look it over first to ensure that it is safe.

If you do not know what the script does do not use it.


This ends my 3 Ways to protect yourself on Wikia blog. If you have additional questions please leave them in the comments below and I will try and answer them.