I'm McMario9, owner/founder/CEO of Fantendo's Omega Games. I wondered, is it okay to create a contest not just here but the entire Wikia? I have a great idea!


It's a friendly competition where all of the famous wikis on Wikia will see who is their funniest comedian! (Talk to the founder of each wiki and see if he/she will like his/her wiki to join.) The wiki's funniest comedian will meet with other comedians in the competition. (There are 12 categories. What's Hot, PS4 Games, Xbox One Games, PC & Mobile, (All those are in Video Games.) Comics, Movies, TV, Music, (All those are in Entertainment.) Books, Fashion and Beauty, Food, and Drink. (All those are in Lifestyle.) Then, Video Games's, Entertainment's, and Lifestyle's funniest comedian will go head to head to head (Tee hee!)and find out who is Wikia's Funniest Comedian! And the judges (Whom I pick) rate these jokes using this rating system:

0-You don't wanna hear it.
1-It may cause constipation.
2-It's not even so-so.
3-It's so-so.
4-It's not even okay.
5-It's okay.
6-It's kinda funny.
7-It's pretty darn funny.
8-It's very funny.
9-It's even more funnier.
10-OMG! Funniest joke ever!

The judges will rate all the jokes (however, you have to tell why it's funny because they probably never heard of that joke before.) from 0 to 10. Then, they will calculate the average and whoever gets the highest average will move on! To enter, please type these words in the comments before July 9: "laughing zone". All caps and no spaces. If you want to be a judge (I can pick 10) say in the comments "CHICKENCROSSTHEROAD". (However, if there are fewer than 2 people who enter the competition, WFC will be cancelled.) After entering, write a blog titled "(Your username)'s WFC Entry" filled with 20 jokes and exclamations of why they're funny. First results will arrive in late July.

(PLEASE no trolling in the comments.)

P.S. I tried this with Fantendo, but they didn't budge.