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    August 3, 2016 by ShowOnTheGo

    I just saw a movie called "After earth." It was a good movie, I give it a 9-10. It was rated PG13, so it was a little scary. I liked to eat popcorn during the movie, beacuse if it was sweet, you would fear vomit. It is about people that have to evacuate earth due due over elvoliing amimals and aleins. Many generations later on a different planet, a boy and his dad go on a trip back to earth, to transport an alien egg. But the ship crashed on earth due to a metor shower. The boy and his dad where the only ones who survived the crash. His dad is hurt, so the boy has to go out into the world to signle for help. 

    What`s your favorite snack?

    What`s your favorite movie?

    What`s your favorite theature?

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