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User blog:ShrimpPin/"Points" System?


"Points" System?

I had the fun idea of creating a "game" on a wiki I'm making. It would involve you clicking links to go to different places in the little world I'm creating. You "talk" to these people on each page and they send you on various quests. There was one problem I ran into: is there any way that by clicking a link (to a room) that you could earn "points"? So you could get 1,000 points for doing so many quests or something like that. It wouldn't have to be that polished, but is there any way of keeping track of who clicks a page?


Please reply on my message wall!

-ShrimpPin (Bureaucrat, Admin, Wizard101 player, dream recorder, awesome person) 23:55, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

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