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  • SiPlus

    Yesterday I tried Layout Builder on my wiki, and, I got way more satisfaction than I got with createplates. But it's still not perfect. Here is a list of all cons I noticed:

    Wikia, make an option to change input fields size between two-lined and one-lined. I liked one-lined infobox input in createplates. But now, more than 3/4 of my layouts is infobox filling. We don't need entire line for two words and even one number.

    Wikia, make Section widget along with Paragraph one. Paragraph is simple multi-lined input, and if it's optional and blank, and it's only thing in a section, then the section will be empty, and unneeded section header will appear on page. It's not good. For example, my wiki describes some maps in development, and tactics are un…

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  • SiPlus

    Fix CoDWiki bug please

    December 6, 2010 by SiPlus

    Wikia, why did you change middle-click function on images on wikis? Originally it leaded to information about file, now it leads to FILE ITSELF. You removed very useful thing, Wikia. You want to work for users, but you work against them and against usability. Stop ruining our wikis.

    Happens only on Call of Duty Wiki. Wikia, you are not stupid, please fix the error.

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  • SiPlus

    Where is upload form?

    November 18, 2010 by SiPlus

    Wikia, bring back old upload form! The new one doesn't have extensions list and MediaWiki:Uploadtext, which reading is required on my wiki.

    You don't care about quality, Wikia. You care only about simplicity and ease to new users. But simplicity =/= quality.

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  • SiPlus

    New skin bug report

    November 4, 2010 by SiPlus

    Wikia, ?useskin=monobook still works completely on wikis, and ?useskin=monaco partially works. Fix that error.

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  • SiPlus

    I see many blog posts complaining about image attribution on Wikia. Attribution MUST be removed. Why?

    1. Most images are fair-use, and the uploader is not author.
    2. Why image uploaders are marked, and text editors are not? All editors should be equal.
    3. I've never seen image attribution in paper encyclopedias. Wikis are electronic encyclopedias.
    4. It's not important for content to mark image uploaders.
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