I changed my opinion about Monaco. Monaco and MonoBook MUST be deleted.


  1. If there will be more than one skin, admins shall customize every skin. That ruins ease and quickness of wiki creating.
  2. Theme designer is easy, CSS is hard for admins with low CSS knowledge.
  3. Again, CSS. In Terms of Service said that all wikis must have same customization abilities. CSS editing is easy to break this rule.

Answering to some requests that users can post:

  • Enabling Monaco only for Monaco-ready wikis: stupid, as users may like Monaco, but they won't see they favorite skin on all wikis.
  • Enabling Monaco for chosen-by-Wikia wikis: all wikis are equal.
  • Theme designer for Monaco/MonoBook: good idea, but Monaco/MonoBook will be still configurable by editing CSS.

And, one request: add easier access for most important messages on wiki such as MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation, make a button in My Tools or add edit message> everywhere. It was hard for me to find CSS for customizing Monaco, and hard to find navigation line.

And remove MonoBook. Most wikis have it not customized.