A Brief Summary

Right,I begin my theses ,against the way in which children are educated in primary and secondary schools today,with a brief summary and explanation of why I feel so strongly about the subject.

Since the 1920's,in Ireland,children have been thaught only about the Catholic beliefs and have been told that that was the truth and the only truth.They have been told that what is written in the Bible is the word of God and is completely incorruptible,in the same way that Priests,Cardinals,Bishops and the Vatican were "incorruptible".Now,we know[when i say we,i mean myself and those who have any scrap of sense and have the slightest will to educate themselves of the origins of the species,life itself,the planet and the universe.

However,ignorant of the truth,schools today still preach to children that the Bible is a marvelous bunch of true stories and explanations,that are completely true and should be taken for granted and should not be questioned.They are not educated about any scientific theorys,any other religions or about any problems that they may encounter in later life because of their religion.They are hearded ,like sheep,into the classroom,to be brainwashed and hurried,as quickly as is humanly possible to communion and to confirmation,before their minds are developed enough to question the ridiculous.To me and to many other people,thats seems highly immoral and cruel.

In secondary school,students are no allowed to hold public debates,they must go to school mass and are not given a choice in the matter,they are still told that the big bang theory and the the theory of evlution are "only ways of seeing the world or god" and could "possibly"be true,while still enforcing the idea that there most certainly is a god,when there is absolutely no evinence for it,while there are masses of evidence for the scientific theorys of how life came about.To me and my co-thinkers or people who are Chrisian and understand my view,this seems absolutely ridiculous,but unfortunately,this outdated from of "education" is still in practice.So,i have decided to dedicate this blog to it,i hope that you will find my arguement interesting and relivant and will share my view.