Hi everyone im wondering if you play Animaljam thats what you came here for right? (No actually you came here because your wondering what the question is right? Well here it goes and enjoy if you like reading if you dont well sorry.

Anyways if you do my username is Skiyler5 and im mostly always on Animaljam so jag me if you want to talk, trade or hangout for a while.  If your wondering about that photo by the way it is not my main look it used to be now im a nonemember and I might redeem my membership now or later. By the way I dont have the items on the photo I only have the scarf so if your wondering your question has been aswered. Also I play Transformice its a really fun game my username is Skiylerlofie and I hope we can play togather some time and I dont play it often because it glitches on me so you will be lucky if you see me my youtube channel is please check it out and maybe like some of my videos I also play Roblox sadly I dont have a picture for that but my username is Skiylerlofie. I'm sorry I'm typing so much but anyways thanking for reading this!

Amazing friends
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