Websites are fun but you have to find the good ones!

Crazy people make websites that are rude and not very fun. You have to notice that and not go on their website.








Here is some ideas for fun and good websites 

Club penguin
club penguin is a game where everyone is penguins but can still talk like people. You can meet friends, explore your island, dress up, make your house a home, play games to earn fake club penguin money which you spend on items, adopt pets (puffles). If you really like the game upgrade to a member. members can adopt more puffle when a regular can only adopt 2 (red and blue), have a house, buy clothes and have more fun! its only a few real dollars but it is worth it! I have this game and i am a member and this is my favourite website! Sometimes rare penguins come on the island and you can earn stamps. Partys happen every few wekks for a long time. Coming up is Star Wars where penguins can live and dress up like them. The last party was Monsters University and it was fun!
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heres a few that are fun... just look at them on google and see.

Girls go games= games

Webkinz= animals

Poptropica= adventure in different worlds

moshi monsters= cute monsters in worlds

pottermore= you can be Harry Potter and play the movie but with you

Family channel= games, tv shows, stars news

akinator= the guessing game

American girl= play in a world with other girls and play games to earn coins (need doll)

Build-a-bear= games

Build-a-bear-ville= world where you are you can you talk to people and have fun