Am moving again! This time not with my mom but alone. To Las Vegas, to go leave with my dad and his girlfriend they’re happy to have me there. Though there is a reason my dad owns this music company, and he wants me to perform so basically become an actress/musician. I want to but settle down finish high school and stuff. Though I love sing, acting and playing different instruments especially guitar, I need to concentrate in school if I want to get into a good college. I do not know what to do! And that is the sad part, I always find my asking my blog friends and yet I never make decisions for myself. Thanks everyone who helped me especially M67 he gave me hope to always do what my heart tells me to. And to everyone who told me not to run away thanks too I would have made a big mistake if I had. ‘ Life does get back together’J

I feel as free as this!!!

And of course am going to use my talent because if I don’t do that then who will.