The day before the move was full of tears. My mom has a letting go problem so that makes it harder to move. This the first time in seventeen years that she has been alone usaully she has me to talk about her day with but tommoow she is gonna come home and sleep if she doesnot have a date with jeremy. The funny thing about this experience is that it didnot only change my life but it also changed my mum's we were talking and she might just stay in hawaii my mum had a reason for her moving she wasn't running away she was just trying to protect me from her past.

Thanks to you all i am going to have my dream life.

Ps; Where ever I am or what i maybe doing I will always remember you guys cause you put a smile on my face. Don't forget to comment tell me how you feel about my life and your that's if you wanna share it ofcourse

The last time i was this bright was in... i actually don't remember and all this is because of you :)