• Slayingthehalcyon

    That, my friends, is the question, to feed or to be fed... Now since we're talking about trolls, the obvious answer is neither! It's best not to feed, or get fed up with the troll in question.

    Most trolls are gonna try and shake you up!
    Don't let trolls get you riled up! You should remain, in the meme sense, unrustled!

    If you can escape getting fed up with the trolls, you'll be one step ahead of them!
    Try to catch early on to trolls, this will help you in the long run! Some trolls will stay within the rules of the wiki, but still troll, sometimes this can be hard too catch!
    Sometimes, it just requires getting a moderator... or in this case, Spidey with an axe!!!

    Guys, don't forget: IF you can't explain it by natural means then it was definitely …

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