I was getting tired of my MineCraft 'cause it seemed like I was just doing the same thing over. Even on Multiplayer I had been muted so it wasn't much fun either. So I dicided to play somthing else. I remembered that my dad had let me play his SEGA genises I think maybe 2 or 3 years ago. I had played the game Ghouls n' Ghosts and was lucky to remember the name since it had been so long. So I was also lucky to remember what the title sticker looked like. I asked my dad where the genises was. He showed me where it was and where the games were (which were in his closet). So as I was looking around I found the game. I started it up and every thing started as I remembered... the creepy erie background music played and the regular title that said 'Ghouls n' Ghost' showed up. I started the game, selected a file, then played. As I killed each monster at the bottom in scratchy red text read 'Dark Love... Why do you torture our feelings?'. I have know idea why but I started feeling actually sad for the monsters. On the next level all the monsters had anxious looks on there faces but still fought back. Now the character I was playing had an almost evil look on his face. When I killed the monsters the scratchy red text at the bottom read 'PLEASE STOP! HAVE MERCY!'. At this point I turned off the game inspite I was getting a very depressed feeling and went to bed. I had the sadest dream ever. I saw the monsters from the game but they started looking like normal humans. By the time they turned to normal looking humans the character I played as began killing them. I was horrified and almost cried at the sight of the very realistic killings. They kept saying 'NO MORE OF YOUR TORTURE! WE WANT YOUR DARK LOVE FOR OUR BLOOD TO END! PLEASE HAVE MER-!'. That was all they could say before they were killed. The character I played as started having blood drip from his mouth and looked as though he was so satisfied that it was sickining. I gaged hard. After he killed them all, the character turned to me and was dripping blood and walking towards me. I was scared out of my mind and crying now. I tried to get away but a skeleton grabbed me from behind to my suprise and he whispered 'If you are to torture us you have to feel our pain...'. I was so scared I could only mouth 'No please. No.' . I watched in horror as the character raised his bloody sword and woke up. It was the middle of the night but somthing told me to play the game again. I started it up and the title was gone but the background was glitching and in some frames of the glitch the text read 'Dark Love'. When I played the game I played as one of the bosses. White text appeared on the screen saying 'The knight you played as has tortured the souls of the inicient ghouls and ghosts. Know you must go kill him'. I ran through flat land with no monsters or anything then the knight appeared all warped into such a figure I can't exlpain. The first hit I gave him killed him and the screen said 'GAME OVER! You have defeated him.'. I was very confused but some what releived that I killed him. But the knight apeared got closer and closer to the screen. Then knight jumped out of the screen and grabbed my waist. I screamed so loud I hurt my ears. He looked super realistic, with the bloody smile and said 'YOU THINK IT WAS THAT EASY? YOU THINK YOU CAN END MY DARK LOVE? WELL YOUR WRONG!!!'. Then all the lights turned off then back on. On the floor, spelled out in blood was some text that read 'IF ANYONE OR YOU PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN YOU WILL DIE AND JOIN THE OTHERS IN THE GAME!!!'. I never played the game again. I still have the nightmares. I also wake up screaming from every nightmare. My parents think I have phsychological problems now and I have to go through conciling everyday. But I know it wont help. So please heed my warning DON'T PLAY IT. But a few months after I had played the game I was on the news channel when I saw that one of my friends was found dead in front of his TV. He was reported to have been playing the game Ghouls n' Ghosts. I almost threw up after I saw one of the pictures of his body. His guts were torn out just as the knight had killed one of the people in my dream. A second picture showed text cut into his back saying 'I warned you...'.