Smile the dog

aka matilda

  • I live in england
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is killing and play hide and seek
  • I am male
  • Smile the dog

    hi I'm smile.jpg (smile dog) and I meet a girl in chat called DDR STAR7 and she was nice but the first time she see me she believed me but now she does it:

    DDR-STAR7:hello smile

    smile the dog: SPREAD THE WORD

    DDR-STAR7:you are not smile irl

    smile the dog:believe you me how should I do to prove

    DDR-STAR7:hmm sing jeffs song

    smile the dog: ok...

    DDR-STAR7: ...

    smile the dog: hey it's murder go to sleep this is your fault you you choose this path pay with blood.

    DDR-STAR7:I'm so sorry for what I did forgive I believe you

    and since then, she believed me that I smile please come and chat with me anytime if you dare * smiles *

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