• Snappoppinonepiece

    Monkey D. Dragon- (Most Dangerous Man and Most Wanted Man)

    We all know there are a lot of things running in our minds today about Monkey D. Dragon on his bounty, on how how stronger he really is, what he is capable of, what are his abilities, what he can do more, is he a devil fruit user or not, Is he have a connection with Roger, His wife and many more. I have possible predictions that might be true about Dragon. We’ll try to answer it one by one.


    For me, I might say that Dragon’s true bounty now is one of the highest of all, being named as the Most Dangerous Man and Most Wanted Man in the World. So I strongly believe that he’s bounty is a little bit higher than Roger’s Bounty before or even the same . But When Roger died, his bounty k…

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